The age of exponentiation

If all people would live like we do in the western world, then we would already need 3 earths today!

The world’s population consumes resources equivalent to two earths. In western europe,
we are overexploited as if we had three earths at our disposal. If you look
at the United States, we’d need our planet five times over.

(Source: utopia/WWF/ & Karl-Heinz Land)

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3 erden (c) Karl-Heinz Land

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Earth 5.0 Quotes

„The future overwhelms us and our imagination. It is high time to design them. Karl-Heinz Land proves to be a master of his trade. He succeeds in making the unimaginable challenges visible and comprehensible in a wonderful way. I would like to recommend this book to you and put it in your hand – as reading material and instructions. For a good morning. For all of us.“

Frank Dopheide, Member of the Management Board of Handelsblatt Media Group

„We need more visionaries like Karl-Heinz Land! In his book he shows the opportunities that digitisation offers when it serves us humans. You must have read it!

Prof. Götz W. Werner, Founder and supervisory board member of dm-drogerie markt

„Whoever wants to understand and shape the coming digital society will find here a guide to all key concepts of the future.“

Professor Peter Weibel, CEO of the ZKM, artist, exhibition curator, art and media scholar

„The survival guide for the coming years: In a life-affirming tenor, Earth 5.0 outlines the near future – from the current developments of artificial intelligence to the Blockchain, the book shows possibilities for shaping our future: to take action now and see that the responsibility for setting the course lies in our hands instead of staring into the future like a rabbit paralysed with shock. “

Johanna Reich, artist

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