Technology for our planet

Why we need an earth five zero.

Technological progress minus profit results in earth five zero – a worldwide community for the good of all.

It is on everyone’s lips and only very few people understand it in its entirety. It repeats itself and yet we cannot predict it. It influences everything and yet it is controllable in many areas. It happens globally and yet it fits into our trouser pockets and living rooms. It ensures prosperity for many people and yet it is the privilege of the rich. We are talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution or better known as Digitization and Digital Transformation.

Compared to the previous three industrial revolutions, digitization is probably the most far-reaching and extensive change in our world. It has a direct impact on all areas of our lives. Private life, work, economy, consumption and prosperity. Not that the inventions about steam engines, mass production, electricity and IT have their share in it, but none is as fast and rapid as digitization!  And also not that dangerous!

Many people are afraid of it because it will cost jobs and they do not feel they can influence it. Many people make use of its advantages. They shop online, write news about the whole planet and stream movies at any time. Some get smart through them, learn new things about YouTube and know SMARTPHONE and Co well for themselves to use. Others, on the other hand, are excluded from it, be it because of their age and the associated overstrain of the usability of the Internet or the lack of financial resources (e.g. poverty) and thus lack of access to the online world.

No matter how we perceive the digital transformation, whether consciously, unconsciously or only marginally, it remains the privilege of the insiders and the rich. They are the ones who use their knowledge for themselves and their profit. They use it according to their interests and very often forget the power they have over our lives. The negative side is hard for the average consumer to grasp, since digitization is not something we can really touch. The zeros and ones that are assembled in programming code into the richest companies in the world. No, it’s not just good! And yes, only a few profit from it, although it could do much more for all people if it were designed and used in this way. We would work for it…

The downsides of digitization such as manipulation, energy consumption, the overexploitation of rare earths and pollution are the current price we pay for letting it happen. And we all like to pay it. Gladly, because we are comfortable and look away. We don’t really understand. No one really explained to us… We tolerate the digital corporations and their working practices. We tolerate the shipment of electronic waste to Africa, where it is expertly dismantled under extremely harmful conditions and partly by children… Thus, few companies in this world own the profit that drives digitization. And we are the drivers. Marionettes who are „always on“ and appreciate the smartphone as a new sensory organ. The personal advantages are too great, it seems.

We think there are enough reasons why we can no longer accept this and have to provoke the future. The future of an Earth Five Zero movement that is committed to nature and the people who are at the mercy of digitization. We believe that the new technologies around digitization are an achievement that should be used for the benefit of all people, not the privilege of capital alone.  We want to force social added value and effects with a worldwide Earth Five Zero community. It should act in the service of our planet and stand for its inhabitants. Artificial intelligence technologies should not be left to profit alone. We want to rethink that the profit achieved cannot be the solution to our global challenges. We want to enlighten people that they can understand digitization because it is the only way they can change things together. We want to draw attention to the people and companies who put these technologies at people’s service. We want to draw attention to the good side of digitization and reward those who pay for it and lead the way as positive examples. We want to network and give our planet a voice. And we want you to believe that together we can do it! Let’s expand our imagination together and secure the future of future generations before it’s too late…

4th Industrial Revolution | © WEF

Join the Earth Five Zero Movement and let us provoke the future together! I believe in it, I believe in us – humanity! /

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