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It is an insult to the intelligence of man that even one man on this planet starves to death. Digitisation is the key to solving the world’s central problems – whether climate change, hunger, poverty or the misuse of resources. At the same time, it forces us to rethink our coexistence, the issue of labour and capitalism. Employment will fall dramatically, the economy will shrink. However, this is not a catastrophe, but a call to face the digitalized, value-oriented and vital challenge together. Time has long since passed.

    „The overstrained planet“ is the topic of the first chapter and relentlessly represents the actual state.

    „The „infrastructure of prosperity“ will be shaped by the „Internet of Things“, Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain.

    What role will technology play in teaching and how should pupils be prepared for the digital future today?

    Digitisation is progressing at a rapid pace and will produce unimaginable innovations in the future.

    Things disappearing through digitization and sharing is the new have.

    The chapter „Provoke the future“ provides many food for thought on the current crisis of meaning and also on the ethics of digitisation.

Karl-Heinz Land

Author. Speaker. New thinker.

As an internationally sought-after keynote speaker, coach, visionary and author, and insider of the digital transformation, Karl-Heinz Land creates an awareness of the speed, depth and extent of digitization. He thinks digitization through as consistently as he does interdisciplinary and does not accept any limits of thought. In this way, Land reveals the hidden connections and drivers of digitization and moves companies and organizations towards the future.

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